Sandy (William S.) Durocher (Producer,Director,Writer)
- CONCEIVED and PRODUCED over 600 VIDEOS in every genre over his career
- Not only PRODUCED but WROTE, DIRECTED and SHOT 99% of the videos on this website
- Did so with a Crew of 2 or less (including himself)
- Had the honour of telling the stories of some very special HEROES
- Recognized for numerous Industry ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS
- Contributed to new initiatives at DISNEY WORLD
- Had many career highlights  

Sandy has extensive experience creating corporate communications video for business and government including PR profiles, new initiatives, training, marketing, promotions, shareholder meetings, employee information, and documentation.   Over the past decade, and even prior to that, I have received numerous industry achievement awards for my work.  

HIGHLIGHT:  He has produced almost 600 CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS VIDEOS in every genre imaginable over his career from the comic to the sentimental to the heart-stopping.

He has provided services to the following organizations (see references) in both official languages: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (5 projects), Canadian-American Business Achievement Awards (1), Canadian Bank Note (2), Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (50), Citizenship & Immigration Canada (1), COSPAS-SARSAT (2), Department of National Defence (6), Loeb (4), Mitel (3), NOAA/NASA (8) Noreen Young Productions (4), Provigo (2), Revenue Canada (2), and Search and Rescue Secretariat (10). 

HIGHLIGHT: He has interviewed and worked with REAL LIVE HEROES - people who put their own lives in peril to save others. He felt honoured to tell their stories, including one rescuer that, by his co-workers’ accounts, saved over 750 people in his career. He was in awe.  

From 1987 to 1994, he worked in the Advertising / Marketing department of Loeb Inc., first as Manager of Audio Visual Production Services, then as Manager of Creative Services. He established, implemented and ensured consistency in all communications initiatives originating from the corporate headquarters in Ottawa. He worked closely with the president and executive team to create image and publicity campaigns for Loeb.  He was responsible for the production of over 450 videos and 25 major live events, the majority in the US.

HIGHLIGHTBecause of the volume of marketing material required, he had the freedom and executive trust to EXPLORE MANY FILM GENRES in order to communicate the direction of the company. This included documentary, dramatic, comedic, satirical, re-enactment, news feature, music video, puppetry and even science fiction and film noire.

His department was responsible for creating video and other media content for over 25 major live event conferences during that time. In 1991 his efforts were recognized when he was presented with the Provigo / Loeb Tribute to Performance Award.

HIGHLIGHT: Most of the Loeb conferences were in the U.S. including one at DISNEY WORLD.  At that time Disney was new to the business convention game. Because of the uniqueness of the Loeb live event plans, Disney assigned event coordinators to shadow him and take notes. Their observations were incorporated into a training manual they were developing for Disney Convention Services.

Between 1983 and 1986, he gained experience in a variety of positions with a number of organizations in advertising and corporate communications. Before university, he worked in the Motion Picture industry in Toronto in various capacities including Studio Manager for Lakeshore Studios (also called CineVision) and freelancer on various movies.  

HIGHLIGHT: He came into contact with many famous names at the time, but one particular highlight was the week he worked with the Rolling Stones when they rehearsed in the Film Studio he managed starting Feb. 26, 1977..   They came back again in 1979 to rehearse for the Benefit Concert for the Blind. 

Corporate Communications Navigator Multimedia Production Services... 1994 to present...  Ottawa, ON
Manager, A/V Communications Services / Creative Services... 1987 - 1994, LOEB Inc... Ottawa, ON
Production Coordinator, Copywriter, Producer... 1985 - 1987, Frater Advertising, London, ON 
Production Coordinator, Writer... 1983 - 1985, Lockwood Films, London, ON
Motion Picture Studio Manager and Freelancer... 1976-1979, Toronto, ON

BA in Education (Completed First Year)... 1982 - 1983, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.
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In today's financial climate, government departments and private companies have to do more communications with less - We know that and we know how.  We are a Boutique Communications Company who has worked with tight budgets all our corporate life.   All the productions on this website were done with a crew of three or less.  Ask our clients... We can guarantee that we cost substantially less than the competition and we work to the same high standards.  Our secret?  Well to start  with, being lean and compact are key...  And we don't try to sell you on production stuff you don't need. 

Navigator Communications Ottawa has provided complete video production services to government and the private sector since 1994.  Check out our client list as well as our extensive previous experience.  We can deliver projects in both English and French.  

Communications Projects have included new initiatives, new processes, organization profiles, image / identity presentations, live events, conferences, product marketing, service marketing, fundraising, training, e-training, internal communications, tributes, award recognition profiles, image & identity management, video press releases and public service announcements. 
We have won over 25 International communication and marketing awards for our projects.

Navigator Communications has produced videos in a variety of styles or treatments depending on the requirements of the client and the subject matter. Styles include straight documentary with voice over narration, on camera host, and/ or interviews, re-enactment or dramatized pieces, news format, historic pieces, live event packaged pieces (complete or highlights), music video, comic or satiric pieces and even SNL or Muppet-type pieces. You name it and we likely have an example of that style on our shelves. 

We are extremely successful at helping employees and executives feel relaxed and comfortable on camera, whether they describe what they do, demonstrate how something works, deliver a corporate message or dramatize a situation or event.

Navigator Equipment 

We carry an full compliment of in-house production equipment and also will rent any specialized gear depending on the requirements of the shoot.


Video Camera
Canon XHG1 (3 CCD HD 1440 X 1080 sensors) 

442 Nordic Field Mixer
Rode NTG1 Shotgun mic
Shure MX 18 P lav set
Sennheiser E835 Hand held mic

Wireless microphones:
3 X Sennheiser Ew 100 G2 laveliers 
1 X Sennheiser E835 Hand held mic with wireless transmitter

Lowel 3 light field kit
Portable reflector units

Tripods, etc
Manfrotto tripod (full size)
Manfrotto tripod (Light)
Manfrotto monopod

Stedi-Motion Shots
Glidecam Smooth Shooter 4000 pro (camera motion stabilizing unit)
Revo DS4 – Quad Skate Tabletop dolly and track


VIDEO: HD Edit Pro Suite 
Adobe Creative Suite on an Axio PCLe platform with 16 terabytes hard drive space includes digital effects, titling etc
Sony HDV player / recorder

AUDIO: Digital recording suite
Pro-Tools 9 on an I-Mac platform
M Audio Fast Track Ultra 8 R Audio Midi Interface
Rode NT 1A microphone , Sennheiser mics, etc
Sound Recording Booth

Dewolfe and Westar music libraries