Archives are a window on that experience.  As Oscar Wilde once said: "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. I think it is even more.  It gives us insight on what works and what doesn't when approaching that next challenge...  What a valuable tool to have in a world driven by: 'MORE FOR LESS' and 'NEED IT NOW'...
LOEB Days      
My time at LOEB was one of the most fast-paced, insane but rewarding times of my career in communications.  I worked alongside some of the best people - Brian, Erica, Rimpi, Brett, Steve, Peggy and Susan, as well as many, many others throughout the organization.  We did everything from video, to presentation to live event to animation to even puppetry in order to promote and market the organization.  I learned so much there and had an amazing time doing it. I will always be grateful to Brian Adams (the other Brian Adams) who saw my potential and threw me over that creative cliff... 
EXPERIENCE teaches what it TAKES to get to THE NEXT LEVEL 
O Canada National Anthem   
This Project was done for the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.  They wanted a version they could play before national and International events that reflected their volunteer culture and the work they do.  We did four versions. The BILINGUAL version is accessed by clicking on the flag.   Click here for ENGLISH version.   Click here for FRENCH version ...  The voice you hear singing in all version is International Performing Artist Steffi D.
United States of America National Anthem   
This Project was done to play as a welcome gesture to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary at the opening of international CAN-AM events and competitions.  It features American footage of USCGA in action to the music of the Star Spangled Banner..  We did two versions - the vocal version above as well as an INSTRUMENTAL version.  The voice you hear singing is International Performing Artist BEN DUROCHER.
ISAR 2007  
ISAR (International Search and Rescue) competitions between Canada and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliaries were held for a number of years on both sides of the border.  It gave each group the chance to test their skills as well as learn from their comrades.  This one was held in Toronto in 2007
Competition SAR CCGA Quebec   
A major component of training for the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary is the Search and Rescue competitions... Different units get together in friendly competition to perform tasks that are required during rescues. It gives participants an opportunity to test their skills in controlled conditions. This one was held in Quebec.
​This video is only in French.