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For over thirty years a satellite system had meant the difference between life and death for thousands of people worldwide.  This video reveals that extraordinary technological and humanitarian tool.
This project was commissioned to provide francophone parents with a tool to help explain to their children the importance (and benefits) of attending a French language school in Ontario.
Jordan McIntosh - Montage of Live Performances
A celebration of a jam-packed year of Live and televised performances by Jordan and his Band over the past year. The video features the song "Let Me Love You"  as its music track. 
406 MGhz - The Next Generation
The use of 406 beacons in the aviation industry cannot be over stated.  It is critical that rescuers get to a crash site quickly - Lives depend on it.  The 406 beacon makes that possible - here is why...

Saving lives on the water is risky business.  Members need to understand the extent and paramaters of coverage of their equipment and resources when they undertake a mission.   Click here for FRENCH VERSION 
Evacu-B Timed Evacuation Demonstration
This video demonstrates in real time how a single nurse can  safely evacuate up to six NICU babies down eight flights of stairs in under 5 minutes during emergency situations like the one that took place in NY during Hurricane Sandy.  Click here for FRENCH VERSION.
Keep Your Eyes on the Hook
The first rule of helicopter long lining is safety.  Ground Crews speak directly to their peers about the measures they take to stay safe while working in and around helicopters and loads.

Partnering with organizations like the CCGA  in order to  improve response time and access additional resources for water rescues,  makes economic and  organizational sense for municipalities.
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CORPORATE Documentaries
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The Second Canadian Military Service Dog Summit  (Interviews)
Different stakeholders discuss the reason official standards are required for  training and certifying Service Dogs in Canada  
NOAA-SARSAT The First Generation
The 60's and 70's were a heady time for satellite technology.  
The space race was on. But for satellite search and rescue there needed to be a different approach - cooperation between super powers.  The US and Russia, along with Canada and France did just that.  This is that story...