About "Navigator LITE" Video Productions
Lite meaning LOW COST but still satisfying as in: Wow love this Lite Beer...     Still great tasting at half the cals!   The bottom line is these are "lean VIDEOS... Short in duration and basic in design.  But that does not mean low quality...       We can produce "SHORT" BASIC CUSTOM VIDEOS (approx) 3 minutes or less) specifically geared for the WEB to MARKET small  BUSINESSES, ORGANIZATIONS and INDIVIDUALS at great VALUE for a very modest cost. 
Garden Creations Ottawa
Tim Kearney discusses what makes GC Ottawa the ideal company to provide the finest in landscape design, construction and maintenance. With functionality and design in mind, they create a space that reflects the client's lifestyle.

Evacu-B Baby Evacuation Unit
The Evacu-B permits one nurse to safely evacuate SIX infants down the hall and down the stairs. The EVACU B uses wheels to roll down the hallway and a specially designed track to glide gently down a flight of stairs. 
Aspart-X shows step-by-step the application of a tough, scuff-resistant, attractive and durable coating for residential and garage floors.  the primary use of this video is trade show presentation, therefore no narration or interviews were used..
The Real Sword Fighters of Stittsville
This Video celebrates the skill and expertise of the St. Lawrence Swordfighters Guild. Every sword fight is a true dual - metal on metal. None of it is staged nor the outcome pre-determined.  
Rink-Pro Sports
Rink-Pro Sports is retail sporting goods store that puts service above price, above fanfare, and above size. If anything, our smaller size store and personal focus on the customer rather than bulk buy selling is what sets us apart.
Canada Day in Stittsville Promo 
​It is July 1 - Do you know where your community is?  Stittsville does - and their pride in country is infectious!
St. Elmo's Fire (Stittsville)
Christina Lovisa is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher of mixed media and encaustic art.  She is renowned for her ability to release the "artsy" in anyone. She discussed how she accomplishes that.
St. Elmo's Fire (Student Feedback)
Students of Christina Lovisa talk about their art workshop experiences at St. Elmo's Fire and what aspects of Christana's teaching style and guidance they found especially valuable.
Claude Lemay - Artiste (in French)
Claude Lemay is a mixed media artist who works
in an abstract and contemporary style. Her work, inspired by French Love Songs, is being exhibited at an Ottawa Art Gallery, where this was filmed. 
Theresa Qadri (Real Estate)
Theresa Qadri of Caldwell Banker is using video tours of houses to give her clients and prospective buyers a better look at the properties she is representing.  Have a look for yourself...

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Alan Rushforth - Street Music Man
Alan built this Street organ (also called a Hurdy Gurdy) from scratch using plans he found on the internet. It took him the better part of a year. Here Alan discusses how he accomplished this piece of musical art.  
Ottawa's Excellent Tap Water
Every day, the City of Ottawa's central water supply provides drinking water to approximately 835,000 residential and industrial customers. Using the Ottawa River as a source, water is treated and distributed throughout the city.

Home for Sale in Kanata
This townhome. located in Kanata. shws why video is the way to go with house sales. Owner felt video provided sales inquiries and ultimately a sale. 
Van's Pressure Cleaning
Van's has been providing water blasting, sandblasting and pressure cleaning Services on a commercial basis for almost 40 years. Here they demonstrate their expertise in removing paint and stucco from the warehouse exterior without damaging the integrity of the structure on a commercial property in Ottawa 

Van's Pressure Cleaning
Van's has been providing water blasting, sandblasting and pressure cleaning Services on a commercial basis for almost 40 years. Here they demonstrate their expertise in removing paint from brick without damaging the integrity of the structure on a residence in downtown Ottawa 

Touch Hair Design
Featured activities around Touch one of Ottawa's Leading Hair Salon they get models ready for a Major Runway Show

Buckwheat Pillows
Irene Foley of Perfect Pillow explains why Buckwheat Pillows are the ideal choice for a restful and relaxing sleep.  She also illustrates how safe and natural sleeping on a buckwheat pillow is for your health.

Poly-Mor Canada
Using ultra-modern and minimally intrusive expanding solution techniques, Poly-Mor is ideal for a multitude of construction  projects such as leveling uneven concrete, stabilizing culverts  and repairing sinkholes.

Mr. Foundation
This video was produced to run at home renovation trade shows to demonstrate to passers-by the quality of work carried out by  Mr. Foundation.

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